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Current personal project:
Speciality car portraits

Two of Don's cars

I'm a commercial photographer who always brings back the shot. Often in difficult to impossible situations or circumstances. I have earned my living doing this since my early twenties.

I seek the essence of the product or setting and present it in an image that accentuates the designer's vision or the advertiser's message.


Sometimes that requires breaking with the rules of composition, lighting and design that were part of my formal photo school (NYI) training in New York City in my twenties. Whatever works to communicate the message and get the shots efficiently and effectively. Image making is not about complicated setups and sets, It is only about the image.


My love of family often adds a romantic feel to my images when appropriate. In addition to my family, I love cars and cooking along with anything mechanical and this shows in my work. I like to simplify everything possible and get directly to what matters. 

After a lifetime in the business and semi-retired, I now work for a smaller group of select clients.


What matters, is if you like my work then we should work together. We can simplify everything else to make that happen.

I currently own Red Gum Creative Campus, a large rental production studio in Anaheim CA, and also have my personal office and studio there where I enjoy helping other photographers and production companies share my philosophy of making production more efficient so they can concentrate on the creative aspects of image making.

Current project

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